21 April — 26 June 2021

Konstantin Ishkhanov

Born on the 23rd of January 1970 in Baku, Azerbaijan Konstantin Ishkhanov has now gone on to become one of the world’s leading cultural philanthropists, spearheading countless initiatives around the globe within the realms of classical music, ballet, opera, motion pictures, and many more. 

From early life, Konstantin Ishkhanov was surrounded by arts and culture, with his parents both being heavily involved in the sector and fostering an appreciation for cultural heritage that would remain with him all his life. 

In later years, he put this appreciation to good use and began to focus his efforts on cultural projects, dedicating himself to the strengthening of international cultural relations and educational development and laying the groundwork for various major projects, many of which have now gone on to become internationally-established endeavours with a wide international following. In addition, Konstantin Ishkhanov is the President of many  highly-esteemed competitions. Together, these projects represent some of the most important contemporary entries in the world of music competitions, offering daring new formats, an unprecedented global reach, record-breaking prizes and awards, and jury panels made up of the most celebrated classical music personalities active today.

Konstantin Ishkhanov is also behind the organisation of several major original productions, including ice shows, ballet performances, among many others, and is further involved in hundreds of other projects, ranging from music academies, concerts and conferences to exhibitions, international tours, movies and many more, in various different capacities.

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